The Night Rating course equips pilots with the necessary skills to safely navigate and operate aircraft during night conditions under visual flight rules (VFR). EASA Night Rating is essential for aviators aiming to broaden their flying capabilities and adaptability to diverse conditions.

Important Note: It’s important to remember that the hours outlined above are in accordance with the standards and guidelines set forth by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that these hours might vary based on the specific requirements of the country chosen by candidates for their pilot flight training. Each country may have its own unique regulations and expectations, so aspiring pilots should be prepared for potential differences as they embark on their journey towards achieving their dreams of flight.

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• Holder of a valid and current Private Pilot License (PPL).
• Holder of a valid and current Medical Class 1 Certificate.
• Holder of an English Language Proficiency
• A minimum of 15 hours of Flight Training, comprising:
• 10 hours of dual instruction, including 5 hours of night training (with 2 hours dedicated to cross-country flights).
• 5 hours of Instrument Training (Note: A total of 10 hours of Instrument training is required, typically with 5 hours completed during the Private Course).
• 5 hours of solo flight during night conditions.
• While there is no formal practical or written examination, candidates must demonstrate proficiency in the required skills.

Training and Flying Requirements
- Theoretical Knowledge Instruction: Embrace learning with not less than 5 hours of instruction, delving into materials prescribed by DGCA, CAA, and FAA, fueling their passion for aviation knowledge.
- Instrument Instruction: Explore the depths of instrument flying with not less than 10 hours of instruction, including 5 hours on an approved Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD), preparing them for the unexpected with courage and determination.
- Night Flight (Take-offs and Landings): Dance with the stars as they perform 5 take-offs and 5 landings under the veil of night, each maneuver a testament to their skill and confidence.
- Dual Cross-Country Flight: Embark on an adventure spanning not less than 150NM, charting a course through the unknown, a journey of discovery and growth.
Theory Examinations
- Night rating exam encompasses topics of Air Regulation and Human Performance and Limitations, ensuring they're equipped with the knowledge to navigate the night skies safely.
Night Rating Checkride
- Ground Evaluation (Oral)
- Unusual attitude and VOR interception


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