Windchasers proudly offers the A320 Type Rating program, aligning seamlessly with DGCA India regulations. Our comprehensive course not only covers the A320 Type Rating but also includes Multi-Crew Coordination (MCC) and Jet Orientation Course (JOC). Elevate your skills and meet DGCA standards with Windchasers as you embark on a fulfilling journey toward mastering the Airbus A320 and advancing your aviation career.

Embark on a transformative journey for your aviation career with our Airbus A320 Type Rating course. Designed to hone your skills and proficiency on the A320, our comprehensive program ensures that you not only meet regulatory requirements but also excel in the dynamic world of modern aviation. With a curriculum crafted by industry experts, cutting-edge simulation technology, and hands-on training, our Airbus A320 Type Rating course is your gateway to mastering this highly sought-after aircraft. Elevate your capabilities, enhance your career prospects, and join the ranks of proficient pilots who have chosen the Airbus A320 as their aircraft of expertise.

Elevate your piloting proficiency with Windchasers’ MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) and Jet Orientation Course, essential components for every commercial airline pilot.

MCC – Multi Crew Cooperation Course – Step into the world of commercial aviation with our MCC course at Windchasers, an indispensable training for every aspiring airline pilot. Perfect your skills in both normal and emergency operations, delving into teamwork, decision-making, checklist utilization, and mutual support. Our MCC training takes place on the B737 Fixed Base Simulator, offering a lifelike experience of aircraft systems and piloting dynamics. Immerse yourself in the daily life of an airline pilot and emerge ready for the challenges of the modern cockpit.

Jet Orientation Course – Seamlessly transition from piston-engine flying to the realm of jet engine operations with our Jet Orientation Course at Windchasers. Tailored for aspiring airline pilots, this course refines your understanding, handling skills, and awareness in the unique jet environment. Recognized as a mandatory requirement by esteemed airlines worldwide, our Jet Orientation Course positions you for success in the competitive field of airline pilot selection. At Windchasers, we take pride in offering one of the industry’s most advanced and cost-effective Type Rating programs. Our partnership with renowned Type Rating centers ensures access to top-notch Class C and Class D level Full-Flight Simulators (FFS). Guided by experienced instructors, many with backgrounds as former or current airline pilots, our program leverages the latest tools and advanced simulation techniques. As a team of dedicated aviation professionals, our goal is not just to provide a B737 type rating certificate but to equip you with the skills and readiness needed for a promising career in the airline cockpit. Join Windchasers to experience an unparalleled training journey, where excellence meets affordability.

Course Overview: Boeing 737 Type Rating + JOC + MCC

Course Overview: Windchasers Training Program

The oretical Sessions: Embark on a comprehensive learning journey with our A320 Type Rating, JOC, and MCC Theoretical Training, spanning 135 hours. Dive into essential topics including:
1. Aircraft Systems
2. Flight Management Systems (FMS)
3. MCC/JOC Training
4. Preflight Inspection Training
5. Cockpit Procedure Training (CPT)
6. Calculation of Obstacle Clearance
7. Limitations
8. Mass and Balance Calculation
9. AFM Performance
10. Operation Procedure Training

Simulator Sessions: Immerse yourself in practical training with our Simulator Sessions, totalling 64 hours on the Airbus A320 FBS/FFS. Each FFS session comprises 4 hours of flight training, thoughtfully divided between the pilot flying and the pilot not flying. This phase requires a minimum period of eleven days for comprehensive learning:
24 hours of FBS Training
44 hours of FFS Training

Guided Learning Experience: Our program ensures a holistic understanding with a briefing an hour before each flight session and a thorough debriefing an hour afterward. This structured approach enhances the learning experience and provides valuable insights to reinforce your understanding.
At Windchasers, we go beyond the basics, offering an enriched curriculum and a practical approach to ensure you are well-equipped and confident as you progress through each aspect of your training. Elevate your skills, join our program, and chart your course to success in the world of aviation.

Minimum Requirements