Aspiring commercial pilots embark on a journey fuelled by passion and determination, ready to turn their childhood dreams into a reality among the clouds.


Important Note: It’s important to remember that the hours outlined above are in accordance with the standards and guidelines set forth by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that these hours might vary based on the specific requirements of the country chosen by candidates for their pilot flight training. Each country may have its own unique regulations and expectations, so aspiring pilots should be prepared for potential differences as they embark on their journey towards achieving their dreams of flight.

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Commercial Pilot License


Eligibility Criteria

Age: Minimum 18 yrs at the time of application

Educational Foundation: The path begins with a solid educational foundation, as candidates must have completed their 10th grade education and pursued two additional years of study, with a focus on physics and mathematics, from a recognized educational board.

Physical Fitness: Beyond academic prowess, physical health is paramount. Pilots must pass the rigorous standards of the Class 1 Medical examination, ensuring they are fit both physically and mentally to take command of an aircraft.

Emotional Resilience: Throughout the journey, aspiring pilots must exhibit unwavering determination, resilience in the face of challenges, and a burning passion for aviation, fuelling their pursuit of the skies.

Training HoursHours
Total Flying Hours (CPL)Embark on a journey of 200 hours, each moment a step closer to realizing your dreams among the clouds.
CPilot-In-Command (PIC) HoursTake command of the skies with 100 hours dedicated to leading the way,
Cross Country PIC HoursExplore new horizons with 50 hours of cross-country flying,
Instrument Time on AircraftDive into the intricacies of instrument flying with 20 hours spent honing your skills in the cockpit.
Instrument Time on SimulatorMaster the art of flying in simulated conditions, spending 20 hours preparing for the unexpected with courage and determination.
Night PIC HoursEmbrace the magic of the night sky with 5 hours of nighttime flying, where each take-off and landing is a dance under the stars.
Theory Examinations
Air Regulations
Air Navigation
Composite Exams
Aircraft Technical

CPL Check ride Requirements:

Daytime mastery:

General Flying Test by Day.

Conquering the night:

General Flying Test by Night.

Testing endurance:

Cross-Country Flight Test by Day (250nm).

Night-time navigation challenge:

Cross-Country Flying Test by Night (120nm).

Instrument proficiency showcase:

Instrument Rating Test.

Verbal prowess:

Ground Evaluation (Oral).

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