Embarking on the journey to become an Airline Transport Pilot is a thrilling endeavor filled with determination and passion for the skies. To soar as an ATPL holder, one must meet the following heartfelt milestones:

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Age of Aspiration:

At least 21 years old, marking the beginning of a remarkable voyage into the realm of professional aviation.

Flying Credentials:

Holding a Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL) or Commercial Pilot License (CPL), symbolizing the first step towards realizing the dream of commanding an aircraft.

Health and Vitality:

Possessing a Class 1 Medical Certificate, a testament to physical fitness and the resilience to navigate the boundless skies.

Language Proficiency:

Demonstrating proficiency in reading, speaking, writing, and understanding the English language, the universal tongue of aviation communication, fostering clear skies and shared aspirations.

Academic Triumph:

Conquering the ATPL theoretical knowledge exams, a triumph that illuminates the path towards mastery of aviation theory and practice.

Flight Experience:

Accumulating at least 1,500 hours of total flight time, each hour a testament to dedication, perseverance, and the unwavering commitment to the art and science of piloting.

As each requirement is met, the journey unfolds, revealing the endless possibilities that await those who dare to reach for the stars and embrace the boundless freedom of the skies.

Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) summarized in point form and presented in tables for clarity:

Flight Experience:

Apply for an ATPL License:

Apply for an ATPL license after completing necessary training and experience.

Minimum Flying Experience:

ExperienceHours for ATPLHours for ATPL-HConditions
Aeronautical Experience15001000 - Up to 100 hours in a Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD), including up to 25 hours in a non-simulator FSTD. - Up to 5 tethered flight hours.
Flight Time as Pilot1400900- At least 750 hours must be in aeroplane (ATPL) or helicopter (ATPLH).
Pilot in Command (PIC) or PICUS Flight Time500 (or 250 if at least 70 are PIC)250 (with at least 70 as PIC)Hours must be in an aeroplane for ATPL or helicopter for ATPLH.
ExperienceHours for ATPLHours for ATPL-HConditions
Cross-Country Flight Time200200Must be in aeroplane for ATPL or helicopter for ATPLH.
Cross-Country Flight Time as PIC or PICUS100100Must be in aeroplane for ATPL or helicopter for ATPLH.
Flight Time at Night other than Dual10050Must be in aeroplane for ATPL or helicopter for ATPLH.
Instrument Flight Time Must be in aeroplane for ATPL or helicopter for ATPLH4550Must be in aeroplane for ATPL or helicopter for ATPLH.

Training and Examination:

1. Learn theory and train with a Part 142 flight training operator.
2. Pass the ATPL theory exam.
3. Undergo an aviation English Language Proficiency assessment.

Flight Training:

1. Training focuses on pilot-in-command in a multi-crew operation.
2. Covers instrument-rating skills (for aeroplane licence only), multi-crew operations, multi-engine aircraft skills, and generic piloting.
3. Conduct an ATPL flight test upon completion of training.

License Maintenance:

To keep the ATPL license active, conduct flight reviews and instrument proficiency checks (IPCs). For ATPLH, maintain a current flight review and IPC for instrument flight rules (IFR) operations.

Instrument Ratings:

For ATPL, operate under both VFR and IFR without a separate instrument rating. For ATPLH, require a current instrument rating with a helicopter endorsement for IFR operations.

Single-Pilot IFR Operations:

Conduct single-pilot IFR operations if certain conditions are met, including passing an instrument rating flight test or completing an instrument proficiency check.

Theory and Exam Subjects:

Subjects include air law, human factors, meteorology, navigation, flight planning, performance, aircraft systems, and instrument rating theory (for the aeroplane licence).Prepare for the ATPL theory exam, which tests knowledge of the chosen aircraft rating.

This comprehensive guide outlines the steps, requirements, and examinations needed to obtain and maintain an Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) emotionally supported by dedication and passion for aviation excellence.


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