The Multi Engine Rating involves obtaining flying training to operate aircraft with more than one engine, enabling pilots to acquire the skills necessary for flying multi-engine aircraft and meeting the prerequisites for a Type Rating on aircraft like the Airbus 320 or similar models. The training follows the syllabus outlined by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), with the required flying time varying based on individual objectives.Typically, a minimum of 15 hours of multi-engine flying on the actual aircraft (plus 10 hours in a multi-engine simulator) is recommended to qualify for an A320 family aircraft Type Rating.Throughout the training, participants will cover topics such as one-engine performance requirements and handling asymmetric thrust, essential for commercial aviation operations.

Important Note: It’s important to remember that the hours outlined above are in accordance with the standards and guidelines set forth by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that these hours might vary based on the specific requirements of the country chosen by candidates for their pilot flight training. Each country may have its own unique regulations and expectations, so aspiring pilots should be prepared for potential differences as they embark on their journey towards achieving their dreams of flight.

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Course Eligibility:

SPL (Student Pilot License) or PPL (Private Pilot License) or CPL (Commercial Pilot License) or ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) – The trainee must hold a current and valid SPL/PPL/CPL/ATPL License.

Technical Exam for Specific Aircraft –

Technical Exam for Specific Aircraft – The trainee must have passed the Technical Specific Exam for the particular multi-engine aircraft in which training will be conducted, meeting the minimum passing mark set by DGCA.

Class 1 or 2 Medical Fitness –

The trainee must be declared fit by DGCA-approved Doctors and possess a valid Class 1 or Class 2 Medical Assessment, as required.

Course Requirements:

Minimum flying hours: 25
At least 10 hours on the specific aircraft (as per DGCA), or 15 hours on an aircraft (for A320 Family).
10 hours on a Multi-Engine Simulator.
Successful completion of DGCA examination for the Specific Aircraft, such as C-310, DA-42, or any other multi-engine aircraft designated by the authority.

ExperienceHours for ATPL
Circuit landing familiarization (Day)01:00
ExperienceHours for ATPL
Circuit landing familiarization (Night)01:030
Asymmetric handling and landing01:00
Abnormal and emergency procedures01:00
Holding and Instrument procedures01:00
General Flying Tests (Day) 01:00/td>01:00
General Flying Tests (Night)01:00
Instrument Rating Test/td>01:00
Total Hours15:00

Skill Test:

1. General flying test by day
2. General flying test by night
3. Instrument Rating test


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