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License Conversion Courser

Wind Chasers recognizes the aspirations of pilots who have obtained their professional licenses abroad and wish to pursue a career in India. Our License Conversion Course is designed specifically for holders of valid CPL or CPL/IR licenses issued overseas who seek to convert them to Indian CPL standards. 

Course Overview


DGCA Class 2 Medical

Obtain medical certification from DGCA.


Commonwealth country-trained pilots are exempt. Non-Commonwealth country-trained pilots must pass an exam.


Obtain Flight Radio Telephony Operator's License (FRTOL) after obtaining RTR.

DGCA Class 1 Medical

Can be processed simultaneously with RTR application.

Flying Training

Conversion Flying: Approximately 12 to 13 hours, costing around 4 to 4.5 lakhs depending on aircraft type. Recency Flying: Tailored to meet individual recency requirements.

CPL License Application

Submit application after completing all required documentation.

Conversion Program Details

Why Wind Chasers?

  • Industry Experience: Leveraging years of experience in aviation education and training.
  • Government Compliance: Adherence to DGCA regulations and guidelines.
  • Career Opportunities: Facilitating entry into the dynamic Indian Civil Aviation sector.


Explore Wind Chasers?

Explore our detailed course curriculum and enrollment requirements to embark on your journey towards converting your foreign pilot license to an Indian CPL. Wind Chasers is committed to supporting your professional aspirations in the thriving Indian aviation landscape.

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