Prepare for the skies with Wind Chasers’ Airline Cadet Program Prep Training, led by experienced instructors.

Details about the course.

  • Candidates undergo examinations in Physics, Mathematics, and English Language.
  • Wind Chasers provides comprehensive notes with formulas and examples for effective revision.
  • Five mock tests are administered to gauge progress and improve examination skills.
  • Assessments include Mathematics, Physics, and English, along with the Physical Assessment Stage (FAST).
  • Candidates complete the ADAPT Personality Questionnaire (APQ) and engage in Flight Simulator and Joystick Flying tests.
  • A Skype interview follows the assessments.

Wind Chasers offers simulator and joystick training until candidates are proficient.

  • Candidates participate in a group activity/discussion.
  • Personal interviews with IndiGo are conducted.
  • Technical classes cover Aircraft Instruments and relevant topics.
  • Rigorous mock interviews boost candidates’ confidence.